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NOHA Building Services?

Licenses are sure a good idea but knowhow; commitment and pride in workmanship are much better. That‘s how we set ourselves apart from many other, including government. We focus Not on money, but on the job. Each job is different. Each job requires attention to details; passion on working it and a full load of conscientiousness. That is what DooMeHome Building Services is all about and what you‘ll get a 100% of it when engaging us on your project.

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Yes, you can have it:

Hassle free, allround building services




With over 20 years experience in splashback manufacturing and fitting, DooMeHome does it all; Glass, Mirror, Acrylic, Laminated, Metalline. And apart from splashback, you can still find other interesting applications for; ...

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Speaking splashback, tiling is not dead, indeed. Besides, tiles can create awe-inspiring, extraordinary artwork! Go away from boring, simplistic tiling and move onto creative designs your bathroom, kitchen, bar, etc. Surprise yourself, go ...

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So you (sit in) bought one of the world‘s most expensive property and still just slap on some paint. C’mon, you gotta be worth a little more quality and go a for more decorative paint finishing. You can make your home look average, or - special!

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Small repair? Large Extension? Modern Staircase? Verandah? Windows & Doors? Carport? Or just a quick, simple fix-over? You name it and wait to "Get It Done" the way a Carpenter would do it! You know, someone who knows how to handle some hand tools.

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Don't get scared off. Cladding is more attractive nowadays then ever. And cladding material has truly evolved into fantastic, fresh looking cladding mediums. Carefully chosen cladding design can add some really interesting accent to your home or office.

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We love natural building components, naturally. Stone is one of our favourite. And no, stone isn‘t cold at all, if you know how to utilise stone. From Travertine, Rusty Slate Wall Stone Cladding, Cultured Stone, Stacked Stone Veneer Walls, Ledge Stone Tile, Field Stone, Stone Backsplash ..., you may find yourself struggling to choose from

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Imagine a new kitchen or bathroom, a new look for your study or office perhaps. Or better a paradise for your kids. When it comes to renovation, ideas can mean endless dreams. With DooMeHome, however, you can live your dreams to life. Dare to try us and experience a renovation makeover of your dreams.

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You can find a good tradie, or a good idea, a good designer or a good workmanship. With DooMeHome you have all in one. Don't believe it? They may be helpful, yes, but no machine, no software, no computer can replace creativity or excellence. Just like you can't substitute a brain.

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Extensions / Add-on

How about a carport, pergola, decking? An extension to your home, either up or wide? From conceptualisation and design to planning and execution. DooMeHome offers you the complete renovation packaging. All you need to do is have the desire to get some extraordinary home or office renovation - Done!

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Something Else?

Is there anything else you need to accomplish on your home, your office, your shop or industrial estate? Then the best you can do is get in touch with DooMeHome. Give us a quick call or send us a short note and we will get back to you within a whack of a cat‘s tail.

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Delivering Trade Skills

throughout a vast range of building services.

Catch a glimpse on some projects, then click the view all projects button to VAP. Well, not all, because apart from doing up and maintaining my own website I still need to work on the projects too, don't I! Yes, you can read up project objectives and scope of project, S.M.A.R.T (smart-sheets, WA) and some other stuff. Yep, a Tradie doesn't have to be a without-brainer. Go ahead, click on the VAP button. Gently but, OK!

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