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Get your: Tiling Painting Carpentry Masonry Design done the way you expect it to be done!

Consultation with knowhow. Working with passion. Attention to detail. Perfection of workmanship. Commitment and Reliability. Is that what you seek when engaging trade people on your project? Because these are attributes you‘ll find in DooMeHome.

DooMeHome Building Services


Old-fashioned, but Solid Carpentry.


A little more than slap on paint.


Any place, any tile and with precision.


Glass, Mirror, Laminated, Acrylic, Metaline.


Natural stone craft with a slight twist.


Renovate your home, office, shop or others.

Project Management

If you want something that you can‘t find, well, you just found it. But be warned; unique alternatives & crazy ideas, we love it and have plenty of it.
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Do you have a project but lack on planning/idea? DooMeHome starts with a free* consultation and plans every step of your project. Treat yourself to something unnatural.
Did you ever dream of something that wasn‘t possible? We are always in search for something different. That makes DooMeHome different. Simple!

We‘re excited about working on your project.

Because we know you will be stunned about what is possible and what we get done.

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For any your building services needs, treat yourself to some peerless experience. And besides, DooMeHome offers unique building services not only to homeowners but also to businesses, be it for your shop, office or warehouse.

What‘s the difference, really? A tile is a tile, timber s timber, etc. and if you learnt how to work it, ...? Simple no-brainer.