2-Bedroom Apartment Renovation

Completed Apartment Renovation

Some Apartment Necessities

During renovation

A complete apartment overhaul

It started all with replacing a kitchen, and ended with a complete apartment renovation. Quite a project, but fun working on it. There’s simply nothing more exciting in the renovation business than seeing the transformation taking place and - of course - the end result. Again, working with enthusiastic apartment owners, like in this case, just takes the entire project to another level.

We won’t get too much into details here, otherwise you’d have to read a book. If you are curious, however, what was involved in this apartment renovation, we put together a detailed "scope of work" list, below.

Resetting Renovation Goals

Original home improvement goals
  • mooncastreplace old kitchen
  • mooncastreplace kitchen floor
  • mooncastnew paint throughout

Expanded home improvement goals
  • mooncastRenovate kitchen
  • mooncastReplace kitchen floor
  • mooncastRenovate laundry
  • mooncastRenovate bathroom
  • mooncastPlacement of new power-points
  • mooncastReplace/Add new skirting
  • mooncastInstall new ceilings with down-lights
  • mooncastReplace carpets
  • mooncastPaint apartment throughout

Resetting Renovation Goals

Scope of work for kitchen renovation
  • mooncastremove floor tiles
  • mooncastremove wall tiles
  • mooncastremove hot water system/boiler
  • mooncastremove old saloon doors on archway
  • mooncastrepair archway
  • mooncastchisel off floor concrete and level/prepare floor
  • mooncastrelocate powerpoints
  • mooncastcreate new powerpoints
  • mooncastrelocate sewer drainage
  • mooncastrepair cornices and down-pipe recess
  • mooncastrepair window sill/prepare for tiling
  • mooncastfloor tiling
  • mooncaston-site kitchen cabinet work/alteration to fit layout
  • mooncastinstallation of kitchen
  • mooncastsplashback tiling
  • mooncastpainting sealing, walls, doors
Scope of work for laundry renovation
  • mooncastRemove floor tiles and skirting
  • mooncastRemove old ceiling
  • mooncastRemove/remodel laundry pantry
  • mooncastRemove old laundry tab
  • mooncastRepair laundry drainage
  • mooncastLevel and fit new floor grate-drain
  • mooncastLaundry floor tiling
  • mooncastInstall new, extended laundry ceiling
  • mooncastFitting of down-lights
  • mooncastFitting fan and air-duct
  • mooncastPaint ceiling and walls, laundry pantry and door
Scope of work for bathroom renovation
  • mooncastRemove old ceiling
  • mooncastRemove old framed shower screen
  • mooncastRemove old toilet and cistern
  • mooncastBuild air-duct channel
  • mooncastReplace broken tiles
  • mooncastInstall new, expanded ceiling
  • mooncastInstall down-lights
  • mooncastInstall new toilet/cistern
  • mooncastRepair damaged walls
  • mooncastInstall frameless shower screen
  • mooncastInstall new wall mirror
  • mooncastPainting walls, ceiling and door

Painting & Renovation Project Score

Overall satisfactory score
Project Management
Project Execution
Project Pricing