From floor tiling to renovation

What a change

The old must go, now.


This was a great little home improvement project, up in Gosford. Working on the project was a fantastic teamwork between the home owners, who were better than a "dream client", which made work just as enjoyable as the outcome of the home improvement project.

A huge thank you to the home owners, who were understanding for, and patient, with the dust and noise that was interrupting their daily life during the renovation process, as well as for their unexhausted hospitality and bottomless supply of coffee.



Home Improvement Task

This home improvement project, small but comprehensive, requested the trades of: painting, tiling, carpentry, and of course project management. Turn-around time was (not counting down-time because of draining and drying out chimney and wall) just above 2 wees.

Steps undertaken in this project were:

  • mooncastold slate floor removal
  • mooncastwall tiles removal
  • mooncastfloor levelling
  • mooncastdoor threshold adjustment
  • mooncasthallway, toilet, shower, laundry floor tiling
  • mooncastsupply, paint and install new doors
  • mooncastsupply and install shower, laundry, refreshing are splashback
  • mooncastwall repair in shower and laundry

  • mooncastremoval of mouldy wall cladding
  • mooncastemptying, drying chimney
  • mooncastrepair work/rendering of water damaged wall
  • mooncastremoving decking
  • mooncastclosing up/water-prooving chimney
  • mooncastpainting throughout including doors and other woodwork
  • mooncastseveral other, including plumbing

Granny Flat Renovation Project Score

Overall satisfactory score
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