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Revamp of a forlorn camp

Out far West of Sydney and in the heat of 43 degrees, this home painting project wasn't only a heat challenge, but also a race against time. Given the scope of work, mind you, there was a time limit on it of 12 days. Painting a 3 bedroom house, 12 days, gosh are you sleep painting? Hold on, before you shy the horses, there was a solid portion of renovation work attached to. Simply read on and find out for yourself. In the event that words don‘t do it, check out the galleries above, will ya.

The 18 holes challenge.

No, if that was about playing an 18-holes golf tournament that would have been much less fun. This renovation and painting challenge was wrapped around 796 holes (could‘ve been more but I got tired counting).

The hole painting challenge

They say preparation is everything

and any painting job is measured on exactly that.

It‘s OK to patch up here and there, but - hundreds and just as many holes in the ceiling as in the walls? Just rendering the entire inside of the house would've been faster, perhaps.

The real hole challenge was buried in the ceilings. Each room, except from the hall ways, rumpus and kitchen, was carpet laid. You know what that means. And apart from that, these were the areas most gun-fired at, you know, kids guns. But they can do some damage. And if holes aren‘t enough, add a world of stickers to it ad your fun time just increased by 37.8%.

The Number Two Challenge

Stripping paint off all woodwork

That includes: 10 doors and frame works, 3 archways, 3 openings, 3 large bottom to top windows and 5 other windows, entrance door, wall panels, pantries shelving and doors and skirting, of course. Did I forget something? Uh, the fore-front lavatory under-bench unit.

Doors and frames needed a complete strip back. Not only got this messy but it added additional workload to the project. Obviously the previous fully licensed painter did a complete licensed stuff-up. But he was licensed. That‘s a huge worry less.

The wood-stripping followed a 5-course renewal process; filling & sanding, twice, undercoating, fin-sanding and two (in some cases 3) top coats. Sure, replacing the doors with new ones would have speeded the project up, but not too much. So what the heck, enjoy the fat.

With all of it, there came a range of other small repair work, requesting skills from cabinet making, concreting, masonry/tiling, plumbing, etc. Another extra was the special;

Feature Wall and Entrance Door

Using Porters Dutches Satin

The hallway wall opposite to the front entrance was turned into a special designed, decorative feature wall using Porters decorative paint to achieve an awe-aspiring special effect. because this looked so cool, the entrance door was rewarded with the same treat. You'll see that when browsing the painting and renovation project’s galleries.

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