Floor Tiling Mission Impossible
Made Possible

The acreage estate floor tiling race

Floor tiling mission (im)possible

It all started with a lifesaver call, an almost impossible task and with a maximum time allowance of 3 days. A stranded homeowner with the kitchen installers to move in after 3 days, this seemed another mission impossible.

To add to the drama, the kitchen floor was that much out of level, without screeding it, there was no way on earth to get this job done in time. Well, for most, but not for DooMeHome Tilers. We moved in and out and after us, the kitchen installers moved in and happy to find a kitchen floor that perfectly levelled.

Floor Tiling Mission Impossible Turned Possible

Acreage Floor Tiling

Apart from time pressure (for the first stage - kitchen floor tiling), another challenge arose; underfloor heating.

Usually nothing to bitch about, quite standard. Not in this case, however. Previous floor level needed to be kept. But the previous timber floor was in place without underfloor heating. Still no issue, though.

Where it started to become a challenge was when we discovered that the floor level varied, within one area, up to over an inch. > Still No Issue. Just do what tiling requests: "Screed"! Easire said then done. With a screed of one inch thickness at one end, running out to -3mm at the other end, that is critical.

with underfloor heating, how do you make sure the tiling bed, at the thin to zero running out end, will not break and and loosen tiles in years ahead? Uh, that’s the challenge now. That is when you need to know that you have a tiler who knows what need to be done.

Areas which needed to be tiled:

  • mooncastKitchen Floor (38 SQM)
  • mooncastWalking Pantry, Floor & Splashback (6 SQM)
  • mooncastRumpus & Entertainment (46 SQM)
  • mooncastTV / Media room (41 SQM)
  • mooncastLiving area (73 SQM)
  • mooncastHallway area (48 SQM)
  • mooncastHallway adjacent wardrobe (2 SQM)

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